To Know… Again.

Walk the Talk

The hardest goal of human self-awareness is to live what you believe.  In a society of same believers, this is actually easy.  It’s called the herd mentality.  Where one moves, … Continue reading

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Are you evolving, stagnating, or devolving?

We were Divinely designed to evolve in the natural world.  Human ignorance and arrogance has stagnated our ideal evolution, which does include death and disease.  Easier doesn’t always mean better.  … Continue reading

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“God” is Blind and You’re Hallucinating.

Pop quiz for the religious followers out there.  Ready?

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Animals, Angels, and Re-Gifting

“This gift-giving season…“ Have you ever stopped to notice those words?  “Gift-giving” and “season” along with the way they are glued together?  We have a season strictly to feed the … Continue reading

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“Sin” and Reality

It’s amazing what people DON’T understand about “sin”. “Sin” is just another form of control put before the weak and fearful of discovering AND being responsible for themselves. Intelligence and … Continue reading

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We Are The God-Killers

Many of us have this internal battle about ‘saving’ the human race.  Here is the hardest thing to realize:  You can not command or assist someone to see who has … Continue reading

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The Maturity Climb

This comic says so much about the human race.  Enjoy.

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Divine Hide-n-Seek

Before you get frustrated with the Divine game of hide-n-seek, remember that by only standing still will you realize where the hidden can be found.  Namaste’.

September 9, 2012 · 2 Comments

Who Do You Really Hate?

We rage at society when we are angry at ourselves. It doesn’t matter what the topic is.  With 7 billion humans roaming the world, every possible issue is available.  So, … Continue reading

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