To Know… Again.

War, Peace, and Friends

Have you ever thought about the phrase or comment or question about “making friends?”  Recently, I did and realized why I fail miserably at it.

Look at the phrase itself “making friends”.  Making.  This literally means to construct friends.  This is what I have been attempting to do since I realized my true self.  I have been trying to re-write people and their beliefs and habits into ones that mimic my own.

Guess what I finally figured out?  No one is interested in being rewritten.  They are quite content complaining about how miserable they are, about how angry they are, about how much their lives suck.  They refuse to even consider a clearer way of living.

Yes, this is based on my presumption that my way is better.  I speak my opinions openly.  I show my emotions openly but not frivolously or childishly.  I see truth and call it such.  I see lies and call them such as well.  If I upset people in the process, so what.  That only means that they lack faith in whatever it is they chose to defend.

The only way to “make friends” is to over-write their personality, to brainwash them into someone they aren’t.  This happens frequently within religious groups.  They “invite” non-members into their herd for the purpose of conditioning.

I now look to “finding friends”.  These will be individuals who are already established in their true selves.  I look to guiding open minds who want to find their true selves.  I do not want to override a personality solely for my own satisfaction.  A child seeks to “make” the world their own where they are the center, the hero, the god.  The wise seeks to co-exist with their world where they are in complete balance and harmony.

On a last note, think about this:  War is about making friends while peace is about finding friends.  Do you understand the deeper meaning of that statement?  To make a friend is to over-write an existing identity which in time will emerge again if exposed to a similar identity.  The reemergence will create strife and a sense of betrayal.  Fighting will erupt, a war of egos.   Do weekly religious gatherings and ‘homecomings’ make a bit more sense now?  For better reference see my definition of religion.

Good hunting to us all in finding friends on the road to Peace.


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