To Know… Again.

Sheer Magic

Sheep are docile beasts that are easily directed or misdirected.  The coined word “sheeple” refers to humans who behave in the same ways as sheep.

Sheep follow their noses for food and water.  They wander aimlessly in this pursuit for physical satisfaction.  The greener the pasture, the fatter the sheep.  Never do they question their surroundings.  They easily adapt to a leader to point them in a presumed better direction.

Sheeple do this too.

Sheep react to fear.  They run in the opposite direction, only altering due to objects in their way.  Not once do they stop and think and act, only ever reacting.  Sheep leaders, called shepherds (from the word blending of sheep herder), carry a long stick with a hook on the end.  Waving this stick wildly while yelling non-sense induces the fear reaction.  Sheep scurry and run in the intended direction.  If the fear is great enough, they will trample each other.

Sheeple do this too.

Sheep live their lives displaying their perceived wealth.  This would be their wool.  The shepherds desire to have this wool as their own.  Taking this wool from the clueless sheep is called fleecing.  The act of removing it is called sheering, literally cutting it off the sheep, leaving them nearly hairless, to regrow their wealth again before harsh weather befalls their environment.

Sheeple, again, are the same.

Sheep will likely never evolve from this behavior.  Sheeple can.  They can lift their heads and take notice of their surroundings, their personal wealth, and their perceived leaders (political, educational, spiritual, emotional).  Sheeple can stand up to the fear-inducing shepherd tricks.  Sheeple can stop and think and act.  This is evolving.  This is self awareness beyond the motion of the herd.  This is becoming a person, an individual thinker, and a threat to shepherds as they begin to lose wealth and power and control as more sheeple become individuals.

Individuals take responsibility for themselves.  This act of evolution is sheer magic, unseen yet powerful.  It begins just by standing up from the crowded herd.


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