To Know… Again.


Sometimes, the shortcut takes longer than the scenic tour.

What is meant?  You waste more time and effort attempting to avoid your workload than it would actually take to do your workload straight out.  Practice your intellect by taking the scenic way.  Evolution will provide the wisdom of the practical shortcut.


One comment on “Shortcuts

  1. Helpshae
    April 29, 2012

    I like this though, but I’m not sure if shortcuts is the right word for it. Taking shortcuts isn’t a bad thing, but cutting corners never ends well. Often times doing the ‘workload straight out’ is the safest thing to do, but being creative and brave enough to find more efficient ways to complete the task isn’t a bad thing. (I think that’s what you were saying with “Evolution will provide the wisdom of the practical shortcut.”)

    Also, when driving, I prefer ‘long cuts’. The interstates and highways may be the most direct route, but backroads give you a much more interesting journey.

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